Ab4d.SharpEngine is a cross-platform
3D rendering engine for desktop and mobile .Net Apps

Ab4d.SharpEngine is created based on many years of experience from the very popular Ab3d.PowerToys and Ab3d.DXEngine libraries. The libraries were used for many professional and highly demanding 3D presentation applications. Those two libraries can run only on Windows OS, but the new Ab4d.SharpEngine is based on Vulkan 3D and is truly cross-platform (it can work on Window, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS). It can use many user interface platforms, including WPF, WinForms, WinUI 3, Avalonia UI, SDL, Glfw and many others.

Check out the samples from GitHub: Ab4d.SharpEngine.Samples

The main goals of the Ab4d.SharpEngine are:

  • Easy to use: The engine was created after having a lot of experience with the highly popular Ab3d.PowerToys and Ab3d.DXEngine libraries that were used in many 3D applications but could work only on Windows.
  • High performance: Vulkan API is a high performance and low overhead graphics API that can squeeze as much performance from the graphics card as possible. By using Vulkan best practices, knowledge and algorithms from Ab3d.DXEngine and high optimizations of .Net 6 and newer .Net versions, the engine is built to provide blazing-fast rendering.
  • Cross-platform and multi UI framework: Vulkan API and .Net 6+ can run on any CPU and platform. The plan is to provide easy to use integration and support for most of the UI frameworks.
  • Minimal dependencies: Core Ab4d.SharpEngine assembly has no third-party dependencies. Assemblies that provide integration with UI framework depend only on that framework and not other third-party library.

The following screenshots show some samples that run on different platforms and on different UI frameforks:

For more images and information visit the engine’s web page on AB4D site.